very awesome. beyond just the crazy graphics, the storytelling is strong!


Really nice motion graphics. very fluid and active!

Not because I’m a fan of this game, but a really nice job with this cinematic! It was also told that some of the storyline foretells future features or changes of the game as well!



what a brilliant MIND!

everyone should watch this!

wow… when this tech becomes solid and meets the interactive design or any design! imagine what can happen!!! A REALLY VIRTUAL GAME can happen! A computer controlled without physical interaction but just the mind! Can’t wait for the future!!!

CREEPPPYYY!!! but awesome!

Awesome motion piece!

Love the visualization of the information, simple with style without hurting the seriousness the message holds.


There are many search engines on web but none comes close to the simplicity google offered. Maybe this clean design and giving just the search bar for the user was the key to their success!


Love how it moves all connected.


Very clean and simple design. Easy to navigate and straight forward. LOVE IT!