ImageI do not know why but this website takes loooonnngggg to load the images. Maybe they didn’t resize all the images or used reallly high quality.


A simple mistake they made in coding. When you mouseover one of the menu and goes over to ‘store’ menu, the submenu of the previous menu is still visible.



The menu itself is cheesy as it can be already but the product list that the store holds are shown in a very simple list. This might be good if the list is not that long but in this case it would have been much better to have some kind of dropdown menu or something to just make customers easy to locate what they are looking for.


Very honestly, it is one of the most irritating website to navigate.

Our school is well know institution in design and also strong in the field of interactive design which includes website design as well, but as you can see you don’t really see a design there. To add on that the menus are impossible to navigate. It takes endurance and time to figure out this website, it’s my fourth term in this school and I still don’t have full control.

Really needs a makeover!